Uisge Source

Spring waters from private sources in the whiskey regions of Scotland.

The chemistry of Uisge Source waters matches the chemistry of the waters used in whisky distillation in each region to make the ideal complement for the dram.
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A product with history

where the product and story go together

We developed the new e-commerce site to be a scalable easy to update system for the Uisge internal team to manage.

The challenge

Uisge Source is a one of a kind brand. It operates in a category of one. The only water from the same Scottish springs that supply all the major whisky distilleries. 

Fabrica was asked to design a new engaging e-commerce storytelling platform that was scaleable,  responsive, and would enable them to manage updates internally.

Designing a solution

When Uisge’s previous digital agency went rogue, Fabrica were approached to rebuild the site in three weeks.  

To achieve this rapid requirement we agreed a series of sprints that would allow us to re-design and develop the core elements of the site to meet the client’s urgent deadline. 

We implemented the new site using an innovative front-end solution, provided training to the client team in real time, and our online scrum sessions ensured deadlines were met. 

Our collaborative and ego-free approach enabled us to deliver the site just ahead of time, on budget, and subsequently to meet and exceed target metrics. 

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Qualitative traffic

Within a month of the relaunch the bounce rate was down, site session durations were up, and as a result of our SEO changes new users from organic search increased.  

The right story

Uisge Source is selling more than just water. They are selling a unique Scottish Whisky experience; being able to complement the malts of Islay, Highland and Speyside with pure, clear spring waters, drawn by hand from the same private sources that supply the distilleries.  This is water bottled for the pleasure of whisky aficionados the world over. 

Precise and unique

Identifying the brand's core

In addition to rebuilding the site, Fabrica has been assigned to consult on Uisge’s future brand direction and development. Watch this space. 

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