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Reinventing an identity to better present the company values.
Brand Strategy, Copyrighting, Design & Development [ Launch site ]

The assignment

Maussner is an established property management company based in Rottweil, Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany. Founded over forty years ago, CEO Philipp Breucha acquired the business in 2014. Since then, he has built a young, dynamic team and developed a reputation for attention to detail and precision. With the pandemic affecting every sector, Maussner decided to use the time to focus on building their brand and scaling their digital presence. In September 2020, they appointed Fabrica.

Exploring the brand

We began the assignment with series of Zoom-based staff interviews to gather the general views and perceptions of the business and its values as a brand.
We then ran a one-day brand workshop with the management team to define the brand values, personality, benefits, and essence.
Having completed the exercise, we created a brand architecture and manifesto statement, visual identity guidelines, a new logo and created a brand tone of voice.


It was necessary to present the youthful and dynamic character of the company. Therefore it was necessary to hire a local production company to capture the essence of brand and the professionalism running through the business.
Running everything over Zoom, we planned, pre-produced and produced a video and photoshoot of their Rottweil HQ. All aspects of art direction, down to hair and make up were handled over Zoom.

Personality and values

It became apparent early on that the architectural training and background of the founder and Chief Property Officer to large degree defined Maussner’s commitment to precision planning.
Grounded in this insight we arrived at their personality traits of, Fastidious, Respectful, Restless, Avid Listeners.
We defined their values as Striving For Simplicity – Removing Complexity; No Detail Too Small; Buck Stops Here; and Collaboration Matters.

Offline to online behavior

It was necessary to create completely new website; one that we enable them to run more of their business relationships online.
This resulted in developing the resources and and mechanisms for clients and tenants to engage Maussner with ease.
This process is a journey of digital transformation that has only just begun and will continue into 2022.


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