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To take radical responsibility for helping clients transform to resilient, sustainable businesses, and meaningful digitally-powered brands.

Core services.

Solving problems with purpose

We are a creative digital agency offering a range of integrated in-house services to keep our clients ahead of trends, ensure their brands remain culturally meaningful, and their businesses resilient and sustainable.
From E-commerce to podcasting, SEO, digital marketing, and innovation consulting, we help client’s accelerate their digital transformation.


Workshops, digital training, coaching, and organizational therapy, we unleash people’s passion and potential, resulting in more purposeful, driven individuals, teams, and brands.


Combing data-driven strategic insights with intuitive planning, we help clients re-define their brand’s authentic purpose and value, and design a digital roadmap for success.


Applying diverse, non-conformist creative and design thinking, we reimagine clients’ brand stories and digital presence to address their business challenges.


Delivering fast, smart prototyping, and site development with technical excellence ensures our clients’ digital platforms are usable, desirable, discoverable, scalable, and secure.

Latest work.

Just a snapshot

Branding, web design and development, e-commerce, social media
management to podcast production, here are some examples of recent work.

Client Testimonials.

Why they work with us

Diane Perlman - CMO
Blis - Global Marketing Technology
As a London-based, but global company, we took a chance to hire a New York-based agency to build our site, but it was Elaine and Mark's deep track-record that gave us the confidence to do so.
They worked to our schedule, did twice-weekly stand-ups and worked for hand in hand with our project manager and internal design team to solve the challenges we encountered and did so with good humor. We asked a lot of them, considering our tight budget and timing. Fabrica went over and about what we asked of them and delivered on time and on budget. It was a pleasure to work with them.
Robert Marchetti - Founder
Owner Grand Tivoli and Peppi’s Cellar - Soho NYC
RMH Hospitality Consultancy.
Currently redesigning Neuehouse.
I hired Fabrica after being impressed by Mark's attention to detail when he interviewed me for their Podcast, The Impossible Network. I needed to rebuild my consultancy website, and Mark and Elaine responded with a very comprehensive proposal and have been fast and responsive during the design and build. Having exceeded my expectations, I will be using Fabrica as my preferred vendor for web design, SEO, or digital marketing 35 requirements as part of my hospitality design services.
Arturo Arditti - Partner
SM + RDT New York & LA Architects Practice
We hired Fabrica Collective to build our new website. We have been impressed by the depth of detail and the quality of their service. Elaine's and Mark's diverse skills combine to deliver a service that has exceeded much more than site design and development. We have never experienced the quality of service they provided. They were fast and flexible. They challenged us to think about our brand, story, and how to find a point of differentiation from our competition.
We didn't expect to learn through this process, but we did, and we now consider Fabrica as an indispensable partner.
Dr. Courtney Rennicke - Founder
Rennicke & Associates
New York Psychotherapy Practice
We have been working with Fabrica since 2017. We hired them to rebuild our site, but we now consider them as our agency partners. They have helped with business strategy, brand positioning, marketing communications, and growth strategies.
They are always there for us and have helped train our staff to maintain and update our site.
Dr. Tara Emrani, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Owns a practice in FiDi, NYC
hired Fabrica to build my website. I didn't expect that they would become an indispensable partner in helping me with all my brand and digital communications. Their patience, flexibility, and creativity are characteristics that make them a pleasure to work with.

They are diligent, responsive, and fun.
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Latest News.

Media musings

Articles, tips and latest news from our corner on this digital planet.

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