Creative Strategy.

The brand foundations for business growth

We're talking about creative problem solving.

To address a client’s problem, always start with the user and their view of the brand. Whether focused on a creative strategy for a site, an app, a prototype, or even a 360 campaign, strategies must always address users’ or consumers’ desires, needs, wants, or interests; either through the utility an idea offers, or the story it conveys, to deliver value for their money, time, or attention.
It’s that simple. Getting there is the hard graft.

Creative Problem Solvers

"A Brand Is A Collection Of Perceptions In The Mind Of The Consumer."

(Source: Paul Feldwick, 1991)

Perceptions created through cumulative memories from messages, experiences, and associations. It’s why everything a brand does or says matters.

Getting creative Fabrica Collective

Get Creative

Shape forces to work for your brand.

When great ideas are built on a solid insight they can:
Diminish the competition’s impact
– Improve the collective perception of users
– Put technology to work for your brand
– Command high-intensity, high-duration attention
– Add incremental value to your business.

Why Ideas Matter?

Ideas generate value.

Ideas are the root of creation. They shape how we think and see our place in the universe. Small ideas or big ideas; they have the power to impact progress and prosperity
In business, ideas might be intangible, but they matter. Intangible assets account for 84% market value of the entire S&P 500*. Call it disruption, transformation or redefinition, it’s new ideas change the way we work and live.

Creative strategy why ideas matter

"Brand Value, a key component of Intangible value, represents an average of 20% of a business’s market capitalization.."

(Source: Brand Finance| Interbrand | Millward Brown 2010-2015)

Intangible assets account for 84% market value of the entire S&P 500, according to Ocean Tomo, an Intellectual Property merchant bank.

Creative Ideas Build Brands

Let's start thinking.

While available platforms have expanded, the principles that govern creativity have not.

Creativity must be liberating, must resist convention, confront conformity and defy rules.

It might sound simple, but it takes a lot of thinking and a heck of a lot of work. – whether a new site, a one-off ad on Facebook, a video on Youtube or outdoor poster campaign.

We’re always ready to help.

If you have a problem that needs solving, a creative strategy or you want so fresh ideas, start with our free, two-hour discovery workshop.

Creative Ideas have value

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