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Host Mark Fallows interviews a diverse range of creative, curious-minded everyday people living extraordinary lives.
The serendipitous stories of people, each in their own way living extraordinary lives, creating social impact, or working to solve significant problems in society.
In each episode, Mark navigates his guest’s life journey, how their upbringing prepared them, their creativity or curiosity fueled them; and how serendipity has guided them along their path to making their impossible; possible.
He begins with his guest’s upbringing, explores the specifics of who they are as people before diving deep into each guest’s central life focus, and always ends with a series of engaging quick-fire questions.
The podcast is guided by serendipity in that guests  recommend who Mark interviews next. It’s resulted in fascinating interviews with guests Carmen D’Alessio, Co-Founder of Studio 54, New York based British Artist Shantell Martin, Hunter Johansson (twin to Scarlet)founder of Solar Responders, ex GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock to Debbie Millman, host of podcast Design Matters.

Recent Episodes

Host Robert Marchetti chats with a broad range of hospitality experts about their tips, tools, and trade secrets to survive to thrive in hospitality.
Robert Marchetti Chef, Restaurateur, Creative Director, Hospitality Consultant chats with hospitality experts about their tips, tools, and trade secrets.
From one-to-one interviews to round table discussions, this entertaining and engaging show is raw and raucous at times but always provides an open, honest expose as guests reflect on the industry’s state.
The show will inspire anyone that may be considering entering the industry. It will motivate those who already work in hospitality to keep going through these challenging times, refine their offering, improve their skills, be excited about the opportunities ahead, and ultimately remind them why they love what they do.
With 16 million+ hospitality folks in the USA, and 50 million+ globally, it’s the perfect mix of ingredients, a charismatic host, a wide range of guests, salient topics, a dose of humor, lots of optimism – heartfelt nourishment for the mind and soul.

Recent Episodes


Recent reviews for The Impossible Network

The Bune
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Top-notch insights into some of the most brilliant minds. Mark summons an incredible group of people outside of the circle of the usual suspects. Very insightful, inspiring, and definitely very enjoyable listening to.
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Really enjoyable and thought-provoking Very interesting guests and in-depth interviews.
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The art gallery guy Great episode with Freire - shocking and fun
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Great show Loved being on the show and also listening. Great energy throughout. Mark is an awesome interviewer and his questions are so relevant
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Dope show guys Keep em coming.
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Motivating Mark Fallows and his guests are excellent.
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My new morning commute! So glad I came across this podcast. Eye-opening, informative, and entertaining!
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A Must Listen ... Fantastic look at how chance encounters, meetings or events can shape the pathways in life. Particularly "Running a Corner ..." with Enrique. Really shows how one can overcome adversity with possitive attitudes and looking out for others. Great stuff!
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Blown Away by Natalie Fields’ impassioned and nuanced take on social justice by fighting it in the most seemingly benign ways - while changing the status quo.
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Thoughtful and Inspiring! The Impossible Network is a great new podcast for people looking to learn something, be inspired, and reflect on how their own lives shape how they view obstacles in front of them. So far the guests are fearless and timely role models. I can't wait for the next in the series.
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