Technical SEO

A necessity, not an option

The foundation that scales to success

“If you think of SEO like building a house, then technical SEO is all about building a solid foundation. You can look at it as any work done to a site aside from the content itself.

A site structure needs to be optimized so it can be crawled and indexed by search engines. Starting with technical SEO is a sound strategy because you need to have your house in order before designing the interior.” SEJ, Search Engine Journal.

It’s not glamorous work, but every website needs a strong underlying basis of technical SEO. Turning attention to these fundamental details that boost a site’s performance is the key to helping your site rank above and beyond your competitors.

Fabrica Collective Technical SEO
Fabrica Collective Technical SEO services site audit

Technical Site Audit

A holistic view of your website’s technical profile

Gain insights on the performance of your website while identifying opportunities for improvement by digging into your website’s technical details. Our technical SEO audit covers the following checkpoints:

• Crawl analysis
• Mobile performance
• Duplicate content
• Internal link structure
• Site architecture
• Page speed
• XML sitemap

• Robots.txt
• Crawl errors
• Image optimization
• Indexation
• Accessibility
• Redirects
• Analytics

Website Migration

Avoid having a negative impact on performance

Through time businesses move to new website platforms, domain names, or transition to a secure browsing experience (HTTPS). The migration process presents a host of potential complications that can hinder your site’s performance and cause your site to lose traffic.

A proper site migration execution will not underestimate the project’s effort, retain your performance, backlinks and all the momentum you’ve accumulated throughout the years.

• SEO advantages
• Search performance
• Increased engagement

• Grow domain authority
• Grow mobile audience
• Secure browsing (HTTPS)

Fabrica Collective Technical SEO services website migration
Fabrica Collective Technical SEO services speed optimization

Speed Optimization

Site speed is part of web search ranking

Google has a history of rewarding websites that load quickly, particularly on mobile (AMP). read more

Users have many options when it comes to consuming content on the internet, and a slow performing website will frustrate your users, sending them elsewhere. A faster and more responsive website will keep them more engaged and focused on your content, rather than waiting for scripts and images to load.

• Website speed is a confirmed ranking factor
• Improve Time to First Byte (TTFB)
• Decrease bounce rates

Backlink Analysis

Directly related to quality and authority

Our backlink analysis provides a complete review of your backlink profile, identifying where links originate from and what pages they direct to. The more backlinks you have from from reputable sites, the higher you’ll rank.
A complete backlink analysis uncovers link-building opportunities that serve as a starting point for an effective off-page search optimization strategy.

According to Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, high-quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search.

• Remove harmful links
• Link-building opportunities
• Off-page SEO strategy

Fabrica Collective Technical SEO services backlink analysis
Fabrica Collective SEO services image optimization

Image Optimization

A balance between the file size and quality

Images make up on average 54% of a total webpage’s weight!
So when it comes to optimizing your site, images is by far the first place to start. It’s more important than scripts and fonts. And ironically, a good image optimization workflow is one of the easiest things to implement, yet it is often overlooked.

Users prefer a site with visuals: it makes content easier to digest, and – let’s face it – no one likes to stare at a big, daunting wall of text. However, if your images aren’t optimized, you’re not providing a great user experience. And we know Google doesn’t like that.
Fabrica Collective will take your images and optimize them for your users and Google’s enjoyment.

• Reduce load speed
• Promote visibility

• Added SEO value
• Web accessibility

Structured Data Markup

Help search engines understand of your site

Google can identify the type of your resource by looking at its content and on-page optimization, but rich snippets will bring it to the next level and help search engines a ton!

What are rich snippets? You can see rich snippets in the search results when you type in a specific query. For instance, ask your search engine: How to make a apple pie or just type in apple pie.
You will then see the search results along with the beautiful rich snippets. Rich snippets provide you with information ranging from the star rating to the number of reviews. As you can see on the screen below, even this pie’s preparation time and the number of calories is also provided.

• SEO advantages
• Help Google understand your site
• SERP features

Fabrica Collective Technical SEO services schema markup
Fabrica Collective SEO services penalty recovery

Penalty Recovery

Why did it happen?

You hired an “affordable” agency that didn’t follow best practices.
You violated the search quality or terms of service guidelines.
You accidentally blocked access to the search engine’s crawler.
The search engine has changed their ranking algorithm in a fashion that no longer favors your site. Most frequently, this happens because links pointing to your site have been devalued in some way, and is especially prevalent for sites that engage in manual link building campaigns of low-moderate quality links.

Our team will help you determine the sources of the problem, address the issues, and successfully recover your site’s domain authority.

• Recover lost traffic
• Regain rankings
• Preserve your reputation

Competitor Analysis

Gain insights on your competitive landscape

Competitive analyses help you evaluate your competition’s strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to your brand. When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, however, there are so many ranking factors and best practices to consider that can be hard to know where to begin. View Technical SEO Audit by Benjamin Estes – 2017 checklist

• Keywords
• Technical Profile
• SEO & PPC strategy

• Rankings
• Social media campaigns
• Backlink profile

Fabrica Collective Technical SEO services competitor landscape

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