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Finding the sweet spot in online marketing is challenging. Besides having a website, monitoring its performance, and understanding how customers are using the website plays a critical role in planning any digital marketing campaign.
Having analytics well-implemented helps gather essential insights about visitor behavior flows that can then be used to make smart decisions on improving site design, performance, or identify problem areas to maximize your conversions.
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Act based on facts

We implement standard or custom analytics to meet the individual needs of clients. Our analytics work utilizes data-driven marketing insights correlated with key performance indicators – KPIs – to achieve business goals.
We work with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and give clients full admin access directly to the source. We don’t use any internal analytics solution that conceals reality or skews results. We deliver results as they are – data, reviewable at any time. We provide ongoing reports with detailed explanations and transparent campaign performance. We include standard analytics with all of our SEO services. • Google Analytics • Google Tag Manager • Custom reports and dashboard


Make the most of free tools.

Analytify is a WordPress plugin for Google Analytics that enables users to check stats right from the WordPress dashboard.

Clients can check individual post/page stats to identify what is not getting enough organic traffic and review keyword performance.

Fabrica Collective does analitify setting for wordpress websites

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