Emrani & Associates

A Practical Psychologist Building Business In Changing Times

A New York-based therapist practice evolving to serve clients in a new world of teletherapy. [ Launch site ]

Defining the brand

for a practical and smart audience

Dr. Emrani hired Fabrica to build her practice’s website, but she also assigned us the task of defining her brand and helping with organic search.

Brand Workshop

We started with a one day workshop where we explored the competitive landscape, mapped the therapy need states of high performing New Yorkers, defined the particular approach to treatment embraced by Dr.Emrani, and ran an exercise to define the brand voice and the visual identity. 

Practical and poetic

To capture the brand’s essence, we focused on Dr. Emrani’s pragmatic approach, inspired by the influential humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers. Exploring Dr. Emrani’s heritage as an Iranian immigrant, achievement-driven professional, a working mother, and a therapist who focuses on helping clients achieve balance in life led us to Rumi, the classical Persian Poet. The tone of voice was clear. 

Covid 19 Pivot

Embracing uncertainty

Just as we completed the site and commenced our on-page and off-page SEO, the pandemic struck. With in-person therapy prohibited, the lockdown required us to evolve the site, add new Coronavirus resources, move away from local SEO to embrace online therapy’s new normality.


Working remotely and taking clients across the US, Dr. Emrani retained us to assist with blogging strategy, search optimization, and backlink strategy.
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