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Fuel, measure and reward football fan passion.

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Pundit Club app

It's time

To make your passion matter

The Pundit Club app was designed to empower football supporters by feeding, ranking and rewarding the passion real fans have for football (or soccer if that’s how you like it) and the clubs they love.

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Give power to football supporters

Whether chatting with other fans, watching matches, taking or creating polls, predicting results, inviting mates to join you, or even sharing your opinions on social; it all has a value to the club you support or the brands that sponsor them. The Pundit club app intends to reward users on their actions.

Fixtures & results

Our foundation of live scores, fixtures and results, includes all major UK and UEFA leagues, top scorers and tables. Users can filter by date range, team, club or league. The Pundit Club app data is provided by OPTA.

Pundit Club app Match schedule
Pundit Club app Fixtures and Results
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Match Data

We enable players to make match predictions view team line ups and live feeds during match time.

Pundit Club app predictions
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Pundit Club app Life Feed

The Near Post, public chat

Live matches can be viewed from inside a chat group. Users can view friends’ match predictions and accumulated points.

Pundit Club app chat and near post
Pundit Club app making a prediciton
Pundit Club app friend's bet points
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