Jane Algus M.D.

A Psychiatry practice specialized in New Yorkers.

Helping clients improve their mental health, navigate their life challenges,  manage career transitions and goals.
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Jane Algus website design

Demystifying therapy.

Focused on New Yorkers.

Dr. Algus practice focuses on the emotional well being and balance of her fasted paced city clients. Her unique service targets New Yorkers living or working in the midtown west Manhattan area. Fabrica Collective provided Jane with a brand strategy, website and SEO services to grow her audience.

A one person show

We had a 3 hour workshop session  identifying the brand voice for Jane Algus M.D.  as a professional and as a person.  We were also interested in knowing more about the patient’s personalities and her practice style. The more the branding connected with her real life experience the better.  

Building an audience

Jane has been on practice for many years now and has a distinct set of patients. We created a persona deck focusing on characteristics to Jane’s current audience, people who live or work in Manhattan.
Identifying and extending her current brand to the digital space was an important step to set Jane apart from competitors. All images and content were selected and created based on our study.

Jane Algus website numbers

Qualitative traffic

We took advantage of Dr Algus’ unique service in the midtown area by focusing the very specific keywords that would enhance her discoverability and reach.  An efficient organic search strategy has given good results.

The right story

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Precise and unique

Identifying the brand's core

Talk about the workshop we did to make sure we got the right essence. 

Hope you liked it

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