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Lean, agile and immersive


Our development is grounded in an engineering paradigm; to build for ease of use, optimal performance, and user joy in mind. Whether a simple site, application development, or a more advanced solution, these should be immersive yet elegant, and scalable. We follow an agile methodology and are flexible enough to create teams to deliver specific client needs.
Fabrica Collective Development
Fabrica Collective wordpress development and website optimization


Scalable, secure and time saving

We specialize in WordPress development, the world’s most popular and powerful website management platform.

We have years of experience developing corporate websites, e-commerce solutions to lead gen driven local business sites, and blogs. No matter how immersive, stylish, or intuitive, a site needs to be built on a robust and scalable platform to achieve client goals. WordPress delivers this and offers clients the ease, control, and flexibility to maintain and update their sites if desired.

All our sites are mobile-friendly, secure, and SEO optimized.


Proof of concept and testing

Before Fabrica, we’ve helped clients like IKEA, Target, and Lowes with their e-commerce strategies, taxonomies, UX, and design. We now apply that experience to help our current clients create customized e-commerce solutions that meet their business needs.
Maximizing success requires combining an extensible and easy to use platform with an effective online marketing strategy. Our experience in this area removes the guesswork from building a successful online store.
Fabrica Collective e-commerce

App development

Flexible to your needs

Like any area of development, a solid strategy is an essential foundation. Therefore, before we recommend a technology stack, we review client goals, target users, and budget to define and agree on an app strategy.
Generally, when developing a mobile app: there is native and native hybrid. If we create a native app for Apple iOS, the code is Swift/Objective-C, and for Android it’s Kotlin. However, mobile development is always evolving, and native hybrid has emerged as a viable alternative solution, allowing us to code in a javascript framework that compiles down to the device’s native code.

A care plan

It's a relationship building phase

Designing a beautiful website and creating a digital marketing strategy is not an endpoint. Websites need to be maintained; safe, secure, and up to date. Equally, it must evolve to keep pace with the business environment and competition.
We designed our Care Plans for this reason. We are committed to client support site long after the completion of the initial project.

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