D'bebé 2.0

It's time to go digital.

A Mexican company D’bebe, leading the baby product market for over forty years.  
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Fabrica Collective D'bebé

Let's go shopping.

Especially on the go.

The baby products company wanted an ecommerce site. Therefore we designed a site that would give buyers, especially first time parents all information needed to research, learn and buy confidently from anywhere.

D'bebe website analytics

Speed, speed, speed

The user testing insight was reinforced by D’bebe’s analytics confirming that more users accessed the site from their phones than their desktops! By making mobile first a priority, we focused on developing a fast loading site and optimized all content to enhance mobile performance.  Especially since Mexico tends to have spotty connections in certain zones.

Product is hero

We celebrated the beauty and detail of the D’bebe product via a colorful Warhol-esque style. During user testing before the build, one of our testers mentioned the indistinguishable pastel branding of most baby brands.  This led us to chose a palette as a break from the convention of traditional baby colors and to create more modern and fun look. 

Fabrica Collective D'bebé
D'bebe website analytics


Analytics confirmed our user testing results; men are now more involved in parenthood, with a desire to be present, and to study all options before making a purchase decision. To make the site feel inclusive we added a blog section with a 101 on each product.
The strategy worked, post-launch we now have even more men visiting the site! 

The Solution

Our standard client discovery workshop defined priorities; content production, performance, maintenance, and scalability.

Emphasis was placed on product pages, making sure that any buyer question would have an answer. The performance target was based on Google and GTMetrix ratings. For maintenance, we provided training and self-help videos to enable the D’bebé team to manage and maintain the site. Areas included in their maintenance package: product pages, homepage, blog posts, compressing and optimizing images.

With substantial reliance on analytics, the team now uses data to inform new strategies.

Fabrica Collective D'bebé

New thinking but preserving it's legacy

Working with D'bebe, the love brand.

Everyone in México knows D’bebé, several generations grew up using their products. Hence the need to retain their values and essence, but add a new modern way to narrate their story. 

Fabrica Collective D'bebé

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