Blis Media

A leader in global location intelligence.

The forty-office global Marketing Tech company that offers independent qualitative data and analytics from verified locations.
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A smart solution

For a smart company

We developed the site to be a scalable, easy-to-update system for the Blis internal team to manage.

A new site challenge

Blis develop and manage a leading global location technology platform. However, their new marketing team inherited an outdated site that was difficult to grow, challenging to manage, and underdelivered on brand story and engagement targets.
They approached Fabrica to design a new engaging storytelling platform that was scalable, responsive and would enable them to manage updates internally. The catch; time, location, and budget.

Designing for success

Pragmatism and creativity were our saviors. Working with a London-based team facing extreme time and resource pressure, we agreed on a series of sprints that would allow us to redesign and develop the existing site’s core elements to meet the internal deadline.
We implemented the new site using an innovative front-end solution, provided training to the client team in real-time, and ensured deadlines were met by following online scrum sessions.
Our collaborative and ego-free approach enabled us to deliver the site just ahead of time, on budget, and subsequently to meet and exceed target metrics.

Numbers count

Blis needed an overhaul. Even when using paid ads, people left the site faster than expected.
To offset the need for PPC, SEO needed optimization to drive up site visitors. Time on site was expected to increase by 40%, page views per session up by 33%, and bounce rate down by 20%.
As of today the metrics have been met or exceeded.
Bounce rate decreased to 2.33% vs 67.89%
Pages per session increased to 4 vs 2.04
Page views increased to 11,950 vs 6,384 (average in one week)
Average session duration increased to 1:41 mins vs 1:25 mins

Data by Google Analytics Jun-Jul 2019 vs Sept-Oct 2019

The right story

Blis had an issue. No one really understood their story. We helped clarify it.

“Blis helps the world’s top brands and media agencies understand real, human behavior by analysing vast quantities of mobile location data.
Delivering the truth about what people actually do.”

Precise and unique

Identifying the brand's core

We arrived at a coherent brand story via a series of client workshops. A true team effort.  

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