Based in NYC Fabrica is a diverse global digital collective of purpose driven people, partners and technology platforms to help clients reimagine what’s possible, redesign their digital presence and re-engineer their brand perceptions


We are donating our time to offer businesses a free online consulting workshop covering brand/digital strategy, ecommerce strategy, search engine optimization, site performance, UX design or just a good old fashioned brainstorming.

Our Mission

To combine our endless curiosity, years of digital business experience and ever-growing network to imagine a better future for brands, people and the planet.

In a post-Covid world, every business will have to react, adapt and evolve to the profound changes occurring at every level of society.
Tomorrow’s solutions can not be imagined by applying an old playbook.

Our services

It’s serendipitous that for over a year Fabrica has been preparing for the challenges and opportunities this crisis brings.

Our growing collective network of diverse people, partners and platforms are united in their drive to solve problems, small and large, and create positive purposeful progress, grounded in the global goals, and a more sustainable business.
We have assembled small nimble teams of divergent thinkers, designers, and do-ers with complementary skills and ideas willing to collaborate, in a state of interdependence to solve problems, address the needs of clients but equally capable of building products born of our invention.


Workshops, training and therapy to unleash the potential of people to create more purposeful driven individuals, teams and brands.​


Strategic insights and planning to re-define your brand’s authentic purpose, and design a roadmap for success.​


By applying non-conformist creative and design thinking to reimagine your digital presence and solve your business problems and deliver profit through purpose.


Digital experiences are changing in a post covid world. This needs fast, smart prototyping and technical excellence will ensure your businesses digital platforms are usable, desirable, discoverable, scalable and secure.

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Epic pledge founders

Epic Pledge: Investing+Difference+Diversity=Innovation

Whether a startup founder, someone with a good idea that can’t get taken seriously due to gender, sex, or race, or if you’re feeling jaded by the lack of passion and purpose in business; you’ll be uplifted by this weeks interview with Mark Gilmour, Allyn Shaw, and John Basnage. John, Allyn, and Mark recently joined forces to launch a new purpose-driven investment firm and fuse their diverse skills in Marketing and Branding, Corporate Finance, Law, and Technology.


Fabrica Activate Their Collective For WarOnCovid19

Last month as the impact of the Covid19 spread, we asked our ‘Collective’ who was stepping up and producing cut-through public service messaging? Dave Birss, in London, connected us to James Keet and Jason Hodson and agreed to help get their posters out of home distribution.

Dr.-Tara-Emran- Practical-Psychologist

Reassuringly Practical Psychology

We recently launched a new site for our client Dr Tara Emrani, a practical psychologist, with a mission to offer a safe, private space where she explores the tools and treatments to help patients conquer the complexities of being human in New York City in the 2020s.

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