The Impossible Network podcast explores the inspiring stories and experiences of everyday people living extraordinary lives.

The Impossible Network is a podcast about the serendipitous stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. A diverse range of inspiring creative, and curious-minded people who’ve pushed themselves mentally, physically or spiritually, to achieve their impossible.

These diverse guests share the will to break through obstacles, challenge convention, view failure as a step forward, as they fearlessly exceed the boundaries that most people avoid, and take the chances, regardless of risk, that many fear, in pursuit of what they consider possible.

Fabrica Collective interviews Natalie Bridgeman Fields

Serendipity matters

Besides sharing inspiring stories, we want to understand how serendipity played its part in their life’s journey and maybe re-evaluate how we all view serendipity in our lives.

And in doing so we hope to appeal to the curious, the creative and those committed to always seeking better ways to achieve their goals or life ambitions. We also hope in might in some, instill a belief, fuel their desire, to take the actions necessary to start their impossible journey.

In each episode we explore:
-how their upbringing affected their sense of self-belief, their values, their attitudes to change, risk-taking and fear
-how serendipity played its part in their journey
-their curiosity and how they apply creativity
-how they ‘get lost’ in their minds or discover new ideas
-their principles
-the hard choices they’ve made
And of course, the happy accidents that occurred along the way.

We are just getting started

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