The Chip Shop Awards was created by The Drum in the UK to celebrate unadulterated creativity. You can read the story of the first winner here. Since then, the Chip Shop Awards has recognized creatives with the most innovative and inspiring ideas.  It’s a platform where anything and everything is allowed, an awards show with no rules and no boundaries, meaning the possibilities are endless!

This year, The Drum launched their first Chip Shop Awards in the United States with the ceremony taking place during Advertising Week New York in The Drum Arms. The chairman of the judging panel was Mark Fallows, co-founder of Fabrica Collective.

In his role as Chairman of the Judges, Mark was asked to make the Chairman’s Award, selecting across all categories of the awards. 

Before the awards judges were asked what they were expecting to see at the awards and Mark wrote
” I expect to see ideas that trigger my emotions, to feel surprised, maybe angered, certainly laugh, and possibly cry. However,  given our current political and social environment, I’m hoping to see ideas that challenge conventions, confront prejudice, and defy our societal biases'”.

When our co-founder saw Plot Twist from Miami Ad School creatives Palak Kapadia and Rohit Wani, he knew this was the winner. 

The idea was simple. An Amazon Alexa Skill to enable children to interact in the telling of fairy tales where they get to choose the role they play, regardless of gender.

The ideas confronted traditional gender stereotyping,  is interactive, personalized and a purposeful use of technology.

Chair Award and Best Digital

Miami Ad School, Mumbai for Amazon Echo Dot. 

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