Samantha Webb

Client Management

Samantha is a natural networker, client relationship builder, talent scout, internal team ‘mother’, adept project manager, sounding board and coach. Her ability to identify talent, assemble diverse teams, empathetically manage and motivate personnel, adhere to timelines, have an eye for detail, and work in close partnership with clients throughout, ensures projects run smoothly and satisfactorily.


BA Hons Geography 2.1 – Manchester University Sustainable Business Strategy – Harvard Business School Online Transformative Coaching Accredited Diploma – Animas Centre for Coaching


She started work as a photographer’s assistant in 1993 but wanting to get more involved in brand building and the entire creative process, she migrated into the world of advertising. During her 10 yrs at Grey and WCRS, she was responsible for managing key accounts such as BUPA, Orange, Trebor Bassett, TUI, Camelot, Smithkline Beecham, working on NPD projects and producing fully integrated ad campaigns.
Mid-noughties she took her ability to spot talent and pull diverse teams together into the world of headhunting, working at Major Players In the UK before transferring to Singapore with The Talent Business. Having gained a unique perspective and deep insight into what people want and need from a workplace, she moved in house and became Chief People Officer for OMG APAC, where she was responsible for developing the people strategy for the region and delivering it across 47 offices in 18 countries.
Since leaving OMG she has retrained as a Coach and works as a Consultant with a number of scale up entities, advising them on their business and employee strategies, providing counsel, giving direction and designing and delivering programs.
She now brings that breadth of experience into her role at Fabrica Collective, where she is responsible for building strong client relationships, identifying opportunities to add value and drive change, assembling teams to meet requirements and keeping projects on track.

Skills :

She is a global people connector, a quick thinker and a do-er, who is persistently optimistic about life, but with a pragmatic attitude. Her core skills include Client Relationship Management, Project Design & Delivery, Employee Attraction, Engagement & Retention Strategies, Talent Management & Development Programs, Succession Planning, Upskilling & Reskilling, Coaching & Mentoring, Wellbeing, Executive Leadership & Management Skills, Internal & External Communications, Business & Financial Acumen.

About me:

I’ve always been deeply curious about the people around me, and the planet we live on. From my extensive travels over the years, and time living and working in Asia, I have been exposed to different cultures, customs, processes, and points of views, which has forced me to re-evaluate some of my thoughts and constantly evolve my capabilities to embrace new ways of living and working.

When it comes to my work, I am goal orientated, results-driven, love a deadline but also try to instil as much fun as I can in the process! Definitely not a tech geek, but excited by exploring the world AI is opening for us and helping make it work for the benefit of us all.

My passion for helping others succeed extends beyond work. Where and when I can I actively support charities and have spent time working at Mother Theresa’s in Calcutta, Crisis at Christmas in the UK, was a Mentor at the Talent Trust in Singapore, and continue to work with individuals in a coaching capacity to help them navigate and instigate change in their lives.


My Passion:

My passions include travel, photography, walking, sailing, interior design and trying to be a better human. I’m an avid listener to podcasts, with an eclectic interest in all of the arts. A healthy appetite for all types of food and a taste for decent wine, both made better when shared in the company of others, be that great friends or intriguing new acquaintances.
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