Our website process, how we do it


We ask the necessary questions to uncover a client’s digital challenges and what they’re trying to achieve in our requirements form. If their needs are straightforward or merely looking to create a new site to address known business problems, we will get straight to the proposal.
Fabrica Collective Brief

Solutions workshop

However, some clients’ challenges require more than a website redesign. In most cases, it’s about finding new customers, clients, or retaining existing ones. In this case, we recommend a solutions workshop where we review and explore their broader branding, their current marketing and digital strategies, and the competitive landscape. Following the outcome of the workshop, we progress with developing a strategy and broader creative solution. If you want to learn more or book a workshop, click here.

Fabrica Collective Solutions Workshop


When the requirement is simply a new or refreshed site, then we respond with a proposal within three days of the submission. Proposals summarize business requirements, target audience, the solution, assumptions, budget, timelines, outstanding questions, and any identifiable risks.
Fabrica Collective Proposal

Site plan & strategy

Once the proposal is approved, we start a planning process and provide a strategy for on-site branding, tone of voice, color palette, font, site structure, content requirements, and example page layouts.
Fabrica Collective Planning Strategy

Prototyping (if required)

If the project has a higher level of complexity or the project is an application, we will define user stories and use cases to create a working prototype. A prototype ensures that the flows of all screens make sense before we move to design and development. It is much more efficient and cost-effective to test with a prototype than to build and then test.
Fabrica Collective Prototype

Design & development

Once we have approval on the top-level design and a content direction, we design the rest of the site (or application). We have weekly or, when needed, twice-weekly stand-ups or review sessions during this design phase.
Fabrica Collective Design Development


Finally, we go underground for a couple of weeks and make sure everything on the backend is working and tested before deploying the client’s new website (or app) to an agreed hosting server and going live.
Fabrica Collective Delivery


Once a new site is live, many clients require maintenance work. This includes regular WordPress updates, PHP database updates, monitoring plugins to ensure they are up to date, provide content updates, review keyword performance for SEO, and analytics for site visitors and onsite behavior. At a minimum a site we recommend checking once a month for updates to prevent vulnerabilities.
Fabrica Collective Maintenance

Marketing (optional)

Having a new site discovered has become more challenging. We recommend promoting a client’s products or services through digital marketing to boost exposure and drive engagement.
This could include a combination of paid social media, influencer outreach, search ads, and podcast ads. Content and creative strategy recommendations are dependent on industry and business categories.
It takes some time to get the perfect mix, and we recommend a three-month campaign as a minimum to optimize activity and maximize results.
Fabrica Collective Marketing
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