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Welcome to Free Up.

Where making space makes money.

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Growing urban needs.
A sharing economy marketplace.
The Free Up app connects people with spare space to people with stuff to store.

The challenge

“We have an idea for solving the problem of on-the-go and short-term storage in NYC but we have to have the Free Up app prototype and sign-up site ready in three weeks for an investor meeting – can you help?”
Not your average brief, but hell, we said ‘yes’.

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Our solution

With the clock ticking, we started with a sleeves-rolled-up, concept test with the client’s target personas. Sketching on the go, we rapidly formed a user journey and flow for both ‘hosts’ and ‘droppers’.
Over many  late nights and strong black coffee, we agreed a design direction and then got down to prototyping using Invision. Finally we pushed a simple sign-up site live using Squarespace.

Investors willing, we will be building this sweet little app.

Where Making Space Makes Money

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An Innovation in On-the-Go Storage

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How it works

An empty closet, corner, or shelf can make extra cash. List a space, set a price, and you’re in business.
Droppers request to store their items, and hosts just have to accept or decline. Droppers pay FreeUp and FreeUp will pay hosts. Both hosts and droppers are insured against loss or damages.

FreeUp was developed as part of a necesity of having clean, safe and local places to store excess stuff or even to drop bags and items for a short period of time.

Need to store a suitcase for a day? – Sure.
Want to store a bike rather than use a lock up on the street? – Why not.
Have to find a place to store some furniture short term? – Of course.

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