Getting noticed

Leveraging Attention

Everything we do is focused on leveraging the attention of your target users or customers to deliver business results.

Combining social media planning, creative, production, and analytics, we will ask hard questions, challenge assumptions and provide clear answers before making recommendations along the road to creating fresh ideas and stand-out content; content that could span both traditional and emerging platfor
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Content matters

To stay relevant, maintain your Google ranking, and keep your audience or users engaged requires a clear, continuous, and creative content strategy. Content should encompass on-site content updates for blog posts, to off-site content creation ranging from Podcasts to video, photography, stock imagery selection for social media publishing.

Within our Collective, we offer clients affordable, scalable content creation packages, all produced by our talented, New York City-based, creators.
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Your brand’s social purpose forms the foundation for creating actionable plans that deliver business results.

We apply our creative content capabilities to grow clients social presence across the desired platforms to meet their business goals. Our creative ideas are grounded in social insights, adapted to the relevant platform or medium and delivered with a voice that remains true to the brand. 

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Getting Social

Fabrica Collective Social Media

Facebook at the core

Facebook ads form the heart of any paid social campaign. Possibly the most targeted options for advertising your business, and still relatively under-priced compared to traditional channels, it can be a very effective use budget. However, campaign setup and management are crucial to maximizing your ROI.  We help clients avoid the common and costly mistakes to ensure your campaign delivers. 

Fabrica Collective Facebook Marketing

Facebook process

1. Audience research –  to identify your ideal prospects using Facebook’s audience data (interests, demographics, and custom audiences). 

2. Ad copy and images – write relevant copy and create impactful images to engage customers. 

3. Landing page design, layout, and copy – to convert visitors into leads and sales. 

4. Add conversion tracking pixel – to measure the number of leads and sales generated directly from your Facebook Ads and calculate your ROI efficiency

5. Ensure campaign setup and settings are correct for targeting, device settings, bids, and conversion tracking.

Paid Search

Having delivered online display campaigns for clients of all sizes, we have the experience to create ad ideas and digital display campaigns that make an impact.

For agencies just requiring production here are our rates. 

Fabrica Collective banner creation

PPC process

1. Keyword research – analysis to identify the right AdWords opportunities based on keyword phrases being searched for by your target users.

2. Competitor research – review competitors keywords, ads, and landing pages. 

3. Ad copywriting – create ad copy to ensure the ads, the offer, and landing page build on what we discovered in steps 1 and 2. 

4. Landing page creation, design, and copy – to drive lead conversions to sales. 

5. Online & phone conversion tracking  – to measure leads and sales generated from the AdWords campaign and to calculate your (ROI)

6. Campaign set up – to ensure the correct settings for network targeting, geo-targeting, device targeting, ad extensions, and conversion tracking. 


Working in close collaboration we will agree on campaign goals based on your business’s specific requirements and budget reality. 

AdWords is an integral part of any paid media strategy, ROI, results from continuous optimization and rigorous bid management

Banner Development

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Creativity builds brands. Creating unexpected ideas and better design that solve business problems and deliver commercial results.

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Search Optimization

Ranking and traffic increases occur when SEO combines local and technical optimization, content optimization, and domain authority optimization.

Fabrica Collective strategy services


Strategy drives everything. Identify your brand’s uniqueness, a springboard for design, the bedrock for performance and growth.