Mark Fallows

ECD / Co-Founder

Mark is an empathetic, curious, socially conscious, ideas-driven, strategically obsessed, creative thinker.
He developed his deep eclectic experience over many years of delivering transformational and award-winning campaigns and products for clients, ranging from global brands (IKEA, Microsoft, Xbox, L’Oreal, Mastercard, UPS, and General Mills), to small and medium-sized businesses.
His conviction that today’s problems require more than a communications solution, set him along a different path that ultimately led to Fabrica.


BA Business and Marketing – Napier University, Edinburgh


A 20+ year career in brand strategy and creative technology working for some of the world’s best ad agencies.
An award-winning track record of executing innovative digital ad and marketing campaigns, websites and application development that spans global brands SMB’s, and start-ups.
A proven ability and agility to lead cross-functional teams and execute change with speed, at scale, in global agency cultures and start-up environments.
Entrepreneurial experience of concepting, launching, scaling, and ultimately failing with a mobile start-up.

Skills :

Mark is what Malcom Gladwell called a ‘Connector’. Mark connects people and ideas to solve problems and create opportunities.
Mark is an avid listener, with an innate ability to understand client problems and then apply lateral thinking to conceive solutions.
He adds poetic nuance to his copywriting skills.
Mark is fully conversant with emerging technologies and design thinking. He has a hands-on ability to execute across all aspects of digital, including web design, e-commerce, search (paid and organic), social, mobile, email marketing, and influencer outreach/engagement.

About me:

I’d say my curiosity, unrelenting energy, and optimism define me. This is underpinned by my unerring belief in the power serendipity, my commitment to life-long learning, and my fearless attitude to facing tough challenges.

My Passion:

I adore exercise, running and road-biking, cooking, and writing.

Weekend Life:

Usually consisting of editing my podcast series, The Impossible Network, long bike rides up the Hudson, gym sessions, runs in Prospect Park, cooking healthy meals, and finding new interesting documentaries.


Sadly my family are all in Scotland but regular FaceTime or Zoom calls are a saviour.
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