Elaine Castillo

Experience Design / Co-Founder

Elaine simplifies complexity. Putting the user at the heart of her work, she layers her design experiences with communication, storytelling, and accessibility.
She is a solutions-focused, critical thinker, that applies empathetic design principles, driven by a love for typography and classic design.
Elaine developed her experience while working between creative agencies, consulting companies, global enterprise tech, and startup environments.
She understands how to build flexible products at a global scale while maintaining the simplicity of the solution, as demonstrated through her work with clients such as Google, Wall Street Journal, T-Mobile, John Deere, American Airlines, Scripps, AP News.
Her passion to solve unique problems and help others have access to great design solutions ultimately led to creating Fabrica.


  • Architecture Degree – National University of Mexico
  • MFADT – Master in Fine Arts Design & Technology – Parsons School of Design


A 15+ year career in creative strategy, and experience design working at some of the world’s leading companies.
Proven ability to assemble and lead teams to execute, grow and maintain products.
Proven ability to guide and transform D’bebé, a 45+ old company through a digital transformation, creating a new arm to their sales force by selling online resulting in exponential growth, as well as adding social media channels to drive traffic and retain customers.
Entrepreneurial experience of concepting, launching, scaling, and ultimately failing with a mobile start-up.

Skills :

Elaine is a doer, a hands-on leader by example. She believes the best way for success is to enable a safe environment of collaboration and communication for each team member to succeed.
Elaine uses user research, testing, iterative design and data analysis principles in order to conceive her solutions. People often ask how do you make an online store successful? How do you become famous on Instagram? There is no right answer, but an iterative goal driven approach often helps understand what works best for each challenge.

About me:

I am fueled by my passion for understanding people, behaviors, technology trends, and how communication continually changes throughout the years. Having a cross-cultural background makes this even more entertaining since I can apply my thinking to different people and countries. I am always learning and staying in tune with the latest trends and strategies through online courses and reading articles.
At a personal level, I enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures. Whether by car, train or boat, I am always in for a new adventure.

My Passion:

I love gallery hopping in Chelsea and walking my dog, Ringo in the park

Weekend Life:

Exploring hidden gems in the city, biking and occasionally going to somewhere close to nature upstate.


My family is all over the world, Mexico City, California, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal… thankfully we all stay in touch via social media. That has not changed much since pre Covid days.
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