Host Mark Fallows interviews a diverse range of creative, curious-minded everyday people living extraordinary lives. 

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On this show, we discuss the influence of Corey’s family and upbringing, when and how his desire to entertain and his creative drive emerged, his commitment to living a life of service, the impact of serendipity, his view of luck and probability and his philosophy of life. And a whole lot more.

Today’s guest is Ryder Carroll, the creator of The Bullet Journal® method, and author of the recent Bullet Journal book about the art of intentional living. In this episode we discuss his serendipitous journey to the Bullet Journal, the method, the practice and the underlying why of Bullet Journaling.

Dave Birss is one of the most interesting creative thinkers on idea development and innovation.
We discuss his views on creativity and why organizations must change the way they embrace creative thinking, his new book; ‘ How to Get to Great Ideas’ and his ambitions to change the future.

About The Impossible Network

The stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. A diverse range of inspiring creative, and curious-minded people who all share the will to break through obstacles, challenge convention, and view failure as a step forward. Each, in their way, has fearlessly exceeded the boundaries that most people avoid, and taken the chances, regardless of risk, that many would fear, in pursuit of what they considered possible.

Mark Fallows


Curious, creative and committed to building a better future through technology and story-telling.


Elaine Shultz


A user experience designer for some of the most iconic brands in the world committed to building networks. 

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'A fantastic look at how chance encounters, meetings or events can shape the pathways in life.Particularly. 'Running a Corner' with Tyrique. Really shows how one can overcome adversity with a positive attitudes and looking out for others. Great stuff. '
Graham MacIndoe

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