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The challenge.
The high penetration of psychotherapists in New York.
We were challenged to concieve, design and build a site that would differentiate Rennicke & Associates from their local competitors, and develop an SEO strategy to enhance patient discovery.

The insight

After spending time observing and listening to the team at Rennicke & Associates, we realized that they were more than family therapists; they were a family of therapists. Adherence to family values ensures that they treat patients and clients with respect, openness, and transparency as they focus on creating safe and fertile environments for personal or familial transformation, healing, and repair.

Our solution

Our discovery workshops uncovered that 'family values' and empathy underpinned the practices' core differentiation.  Before even starting on design, we worked with the client on the expression of their values and defining the brand mission and story.

Having identified and agreed on the expression and tone the brand story, we focused on a design that would capture and reflect the mood and ambiance of Rennicke & Associates Soho offices. 

Finally we implemented a new SEO keyword strategy and enhanced site performance to ensure improved discovery and end-user experience.