Starting a Start-Up
Bringing a new football chat app to life.
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Designing an identity.

How to stand out from other football apps? A punchy name, a fresh logo, a clean typeface with character, bold colors and patterns with references to the beautiful....that's all.

The name

Pundit - from Sanskrit 'paṇḍita' a learned man; perfect for an app based on sporting predictions between friends. But we needed more. As a sports chat app, we needed the friend and sporting dimension. We added 'Club' and it just clicked.

The logo

The App Store is full of sporting apps and chat apps. Common themes abound. We wanted something different. No balls and not speech bubbles. We explored many avenues before we hit a lateral twist. Two arrows, up and down, a winner and a loser. Off-set them and a stadium appears. But then again some folk see speech marks.

The team identities

English Premier League

Champions League

EFL Championship

Scottish PL

Europa League

EFL League One

EFL League Two

Scottish Championship


Fixtures & results