A New Playbook

Creative problem solving requires access to a diverse network of  imaginative thinkers and innovators.

Our growing collective network of diverse people, partners and platforms are united in their drive to solve problems, small and large, and create positive purposeful progress, grounded in the global goals, and a more resilient, sustainable business.

If you have a challenging problem to solve let us assemble a team from our collective to ideate and implement concepts and programs that will deliver results.

Core services

Solving problems with purpose

The 2020 pandemic has accelerated the digital pace of change. Our range of integrated in-house digital services aims to keep our clients ahead of the trends, ensure their brands remain meaningful, and their businesses resilient, and sustainable.


Workshops, digital training to organizational therapy, we unleash the potential of people to create more purposeful driven individuals, teams and brands.


We combine data-driven strategic insights with intuitive planning to help clients’ re-define their brand’s authentic purpose and value, and design a digital roadmap for success.


By applying non-conformist creative and design thinking we reimagine clients’ digital presence to address their business challenges and deliver profit through purpose.


Digital experiences are changing in a post covid world. We deliver fast, smart prototyping and site development with a technical excellence that ensures our clients’ digital platforms are usable, desirable, discoverable, scalable and secure.

Our Partners

From strategy to technology to organizational health

While most clients require help with building their digital presence and optimizing their performance, we have assembled a broader range of services in partnership with our collective to address challenges yet to manifest.

We have been preparing for the challenges and opportunities of our times. As more business leaders acknowledge the damaging concept of ‘shareholder primacy,’  and commit to embrace a triple bottom line framework, creative businesses like Fabrica, require a creative tool set beyond in-house capabilities.  

For clients who wish to explore this new approach to creative problem solving we begin with a workshop before casting the appropriate solution partners. 


One World Rising logo

Environmental awareness and responsibility is an imperative for every business. We help brands establish a purposeful role in the immersive social impact gaming universe of One Earth Rising. This video game development and entertainment company  uses immersive gaming experiences to raise people’s awareness of social and environmental issues – a subtle blend of gaming and purpose.

Everyone has heard of the promise of AR. It’s potential for e-commerce, education and training, healthcare, employee communications, customer service, or sports and entertainment is vast. Fabrica help client’s explore the power of this new medium and test this new A.R. platform. HoloMe converts videos into lightweight human holograms that increase the impact of brand or influencer communication.


Corporations and brands seek more creative mechanisms to deliver social impact. Charities need repeatable donations and giving. Working with Momentum app Fabrica will ideate different mechanisms to create branded giving actions and rules that result in repeatable impact . This innovative platform enables automatic and repeatable donations, by transforming ordinary moments into impact opportunities. 

For brands requiring a creative solution to cause-driven marketing, Fabrica will partner with Cheerity, the social media centric cause-related campaign platform. It enables brands to expand reach, collect user generated content, acquire new customers all while quantifying contributions and the social impact generated. No app installs, downloads, or sign-ups are required, to deliver genuine impact.

Changing collective environmental behavior is a crucial step to averting climate collapse.  For brands wishing to improve their environmental footprint Fabrica will partner with Aworld, the sustainable living app, to help brands find their place and purpose inside this ground breaking, UN supported app.

For businesses facing an intractable challenge, Fabrica will partner with Group Partners. Their Structured Visual Thinking™ methodology results in collaborative and inclusive leadership  decisions that create  sustainable futures for the business and the planet.

Increasing organizational emotional intelligence and coaching executives to foster improved self-awareness can not only improve leadership potential but also improve business results. Fabrica will work with LightUp Labs action-oriented tools and strategies to shift perspectives, increase professional growth, and help organizations flourish.
With employee mental health a business critical issue in a post-Covid world, Fabrica will partner with Rennicke Associates to help clients identify the most effective employee care program. Rennicke & Associates is a leading NYC-based psychotherapy practice that empowers people to heal, build resiliency, and grow.

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